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The fun never stops with us! Over the last few years in operation, we've been holding multiple events and various brand collaborations ranging from PR events, photoshoots, video production, and many more!

Learn about what we've done and how you can do something similar, or even better, something different that no one else has done before.


As long as you're game, we're game too.

Brand Collabs

Brand Collaborations

Find out about how we've partnered with brands like Fresh Beauty, Pace Enterprise, Love Bonito, Warner Music, Sigi Skin and many more!


Ranging from PR events to shoots and social media collaborations, we're all about that win-win situation.

Private/Corporate Events

From birthday parties to team bonding activities, you name it, we'll do it (within reason of safety)!

Book the entire space and pretty much do what you'd like,

anything can be discussed :)

Private/Corporte Events

Photo/Video Shoots

We've worked with MTV Asia, Mediacorp, Pomelo, Love Bonito, JBL, Bridal Boutiques, and many more on some very interesting shoots.

Check out some of the shoots that has happened within our space!

Events Contact

Reach out to us!

Drop us a message, sharing your plans and/or needs and we'll see how we can work together to fulfill them :)

Thanks for submitting! We'll reach out within 3 working days!

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