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At Hi Roller Skate Academy, we strive to create an inclusive environment and a skating community for all ages from beginners to competitive levels.

Our programs are tailored to fit all students. Whether you are new to skating or looking for a refresher course, we got it covered.

Can't decide if skating is the sport for you? We offer trial classes for you to give skating a try.

What We Do

1 - 1 focused guidance
fees: $30 
duration: 30 mins

1 - 1 focused guidance

compulsory for beginners


4 lessons

duration: 1 hour

group class
free pair of skates
feeS: $560
12 lessons
duration: 1 hour

group class

fees: $450

12 lessons

duration: 1 hour











group class


12 lessons

duration: 1 hour


Big Group Learning


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School Enrichment


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Equipment & Gears 
Safety Stand & Walk
heel stop
A-frame turn/stop

Our introductory course is a great way for you to embark on your skating journey.

It provides a brief introduction on the basics of skating that will minimally allow you skate, stop and turn confidently by the end of our 4 weeks course. 


Our lesson program includes the introduction of the various equipment required, how to gear yourself up, basic balancing positions and how to maneuver around through several skate moves.

Our introductory course is essential and provides a great opportunity for you to decide if the sport is suitable for you!

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we are Customizable to your needs and itineraries. 

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Toe roll

Parallel turn 
Backward skating


The objective of our Basic Program is to master basic skating skills and build a strong foundation by the end of our 12 weeks course.

This program place more focus on skating techniques such as the correct methodology of gliding, turning, crossing over, transitions and stopping without brakes. 

This is also the next level from our Introductory course if you decide skating is a sport suitable for you. 

Upon attending the full 12 weeks lesson,  there will be an assessment to determine if skills are successfully learnt and if the student is able to proceed into advanced class.


-Backward 2
-Crossover 2
-backward crossover
-Parallel 2
-One foot balance


In the Advanced course, you will be introduced to build up speed and confidence to not only execute skills from the basic skills at high speeds. Attaining high proficiency and acceleration in execution will allow students to quickly pick up tricks and stunts in the next step of progression: learning about various disciplines of skating namely; 

Speed Slalom, Classic Slalom, Battle Slide and Inline Floorball. 

 Skills such as Parallel Turn 2, Crossover 2 and Transition 2, where students challenge and develop their physical abilities are essential before moving on to the discipline of their choice as the high technical skills in disciplines will require a solid foundation to ensure faster progression.

Students from advanced levels will also be exposed to opportunities to take part in events and explore their interests in the different types of skating 



Battle slide
classic slalom
inline floorball
speed skating
outdoor urban

Our Elite program is a skating category that consists of various disciplines;

Speed Slalom, Classic Slalom, Battle Slide and Inline Floorball


At this stage, you are able to develop your skill solely based ​on the discipline of your preferred choice. 

Each discipline focuses on different components of fitness and requires different types of techniques and execution. Students may also look forward to preparing for performances and competitions.