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At Hi Roller Skate Academy, we strive to create an inclusive environment and a skating community for all ages from beginners to competitive levels.

Our programs are tailored to fit all students. Whether you are new to skating or looking for a refresher course, we got it covered.

Can't decide if skating is the sport for you? We offer trial classes for you to give skating a try.

What we can teach you


This introductory course is a great way for you to embark on your skating journey.

It is also a great opportunity to see if skating is the sport for you!


To be a great skater, one must have a strong foundation! Further and perfect your skating skills with our foundation course. 


You will be picking up turning and stopping from basic to advanced levels that will build your confidence.


In the advanced course, you will be introduced to challenging technical stunts and tricks leading to various disciplines of skating:  

Speed Slalom, Classic Slalom, Battle Slide, Speed Skating and Inline Hockey.

Inline Freestyle

Inline Freestyle is form of skating that consists of various disciplines; Speed Slalom, Classic Slalom, Battle Slide, Inline Hockey and Speed Skating.


You will be able to explore the different disciplines and discover which suits you the best. You can further develop your skating skills into the specific discipline(s). 

Inline Floorball

A fusion of two sports, Inline Floorball is slowly but surely growing in popularity! 


Be ready for an energizing and highly engaging team sport that improves cardio, strength and coordination.

Inline Speed Skating

Perfect your form and technique to boost not only your speed, but also your overall stamina and fitness.


A versatile skill skaters of all ages can pick up and improve on their overall proficiency as a skater! 

Trial Class

Duration of 30mins

Flat fee of $30

Introductory Class

Compulsory for Beginners

Duration of 1 hour

Flat fee of $200 for 4 lessons

Group Class

Duration of 1 hour

Starting from

$540 / 12 Lessons

* Comes with FREE pair of skates

Private Class

Duration of 1 hour

Starting from

$720 / 12 Lessons

* Comes with FREE pair of skates

Big Group Learning/School Enrichment

Customizable to your needs and itineraries. Do refer to our event page for more information!

Call us at

+65 9694 4094 

or email us at


for further inquiries!

We believe that anyone can skate, even you



Tel: +65 9694 4094

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Monday - Sunday: 11am-9pm

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