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It is my first time skating, what should I wear?

We strongly recommend for you to be in sports attire. Long pants or jeans are encouraged as well.

Do I need to sign the waiver if I am just going for one session?

Yes all participants will have to sign this one time waiver. Don't worry, your credentials will be safe and confidential!

Is there any minimum age for children to skate?

The recommended age would be 4 and above. Children under the age of 18 would require the permission of an adult/guardian of 21 years old and above to sign the waiver form.

What are the smallest and biggest skate boots sizes you have?

For rollerskates, our smallest size will be Euro 27 and largest would be Euro 45. For inline skates, our smallest size will be Euro 27 and largest would be Euro 46.

Do you provide lockers for me to store my personal belongings?

Yes. We do have lockers available in the premise at a non-refundable, one-time usage fee of $2. You will need to use the new $1 coins, feel free to change some at the counter if you need them!

Is it compulsory for me to rent helmets and guards?

It is not compulsory. However, we strongly encourage skaters no matter experienced or not, to bring or rent guards and helmets.

Once I enter the rink during the session timing, can I leave the rink and re-enter again?

You may re-enter only if it is during the session timing that you have purchased.

What are the rates for the helmet, guards and skates rental?

Skate rentals will include guards and helmets at for 2-hours, which will be $17/adult, $15/student/child and $14/pax in a group of 4 and more!

Is it compulsory for me to wear socks to skate?

Yes! You will not be issued the rental skates if you do not have any socks with you. We do sell them at $3/pair on-site.

What are the DOs and DON'Ts in the rink?


  1. Store your valuables in the lockers. (Non-refundable fee of $1 per locker)
  2. Ensure that your skate boots are fastened properly
  3. Please enter and leave the skating rink through the gates at all times
  4. Skate in an anti-clockwise direction to prevent collision with other skaters
  5. Protect your head if you fall. Alternatively, you can rent guards and helmet for $10 per 2-hour
  6. Please be considerate to all other skaters that are in the skating rink
  7. Approach our friendly crew in black tee should you require any assistance
  1. DO NOT skate if you are pregnant
  2. DO NOTcarry young children or babies while skating
  3. DO NOT skate under the influence of alcohol or when you are feeling unwell
  4. DO NOT carry bags while skating as it may affect your balance.
  5. DO NOT carry any sharp objects when skating
  6. DO NOT use mobile phones or music players while skating. You may leave them in a locker. (Non-refundable fee of $1 per locker)
  7. DO NOT skate at excessive speeds
  8. DO NOT jump, push or spin
  9. DO NOT litter or throw objects in the skating rink
  10. Playing any form of games during public skating sessions other than those approved by Hi Roller is prohibited.

What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via Cash, NETS, GrabPay, PayLah!, Paywave for VISA and Mastercard for rink entry only. For retail and lesson package purchases, we accept Cash, NETS and VISA/Mastercard.

Do I need to book in advance?

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have a limitation of 50 pax at any one time! So we will definitely recommend booking in advance. Text/call us at +65 9694 4094 after looking at our Rink Schedule and deciding on a time slot tto book!

What measures are Hi Roller taking in place of the COVID-19 situation?

Due to the unfortunate surge in the recent Covid 19 outbreak, HiRoller Indoor Skating Rink will be taking the following measures at our facilities as of 1 Feb 2020: 1. Temperature screening before entry (Temperature above 37.5 will be restricted admission)
2. Provision of hand sanitizers at all counters before entry.
3. Travel and healthcare declaration before entry.
4. Restriction of admission base on day to day capacity. We encourage all Rollers to call in to our friendly crew before visiting our facilities here to ensure a pleasant experience. We will also monitor with due supervision and await more precautionary measures advised by management and/or government.

How early should I book?

We now only open bookings for the week! So snazz your slots earlier in the week to avoid any disappointment!

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