House Rules

  • All skaters aged 12 and under must be supervised at all times by parent or guardian.

  • Skaters are strongly encouraged to wear all protective gears while skating. Protective gears are free and available to rent upon request over our rental counters

  • Malicious incidents or damages must be reported to the management or marshal immediately.

  • Skaters and spectators must not sit on, lean over, or leave articles on barriers.

  • No smoking/alcohol in the premises at all times.

  • No foul language, indecent or immoral behaviour will be tolerated in the premises.

  • Hi Roller will not responsible for any accidents. Skaters skate at their own risk.

  • Management is not responsible for items stolen or left within or near rink or building.

  • The management reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the rink or the building at any time for any reason.

The Rink
  • No one is permitted in rink without skates.

  • No running, horseplay, or unruly behaviour will be tolerated

  • No talking on cell phones or wearing headphones in the rink.

  • No food or beverages allowed in rink.

  • All skaters are to skate in an anti-clockwise direction to prevent collision with other skaters.

  • Any form of games are prohibited in the rink.

  • Socks must be worn at all times when using rental skates.

  • Skaters must always obey skate marshal’s orders.


Market Square @ Downtown East,
E!Hub, Level 5
1 Pasir Ris Close
Singapore 519599


Opening Hours:

11am-9pm Daily

(Refer to our rink schedule under "Our RInk" for public sessions)

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