HiRoller Indoor Skating Rink aims to provide a fun and enjoyable environment for people to pick up and develop the sport through incorporating modern day skating and the nostalgic 80s roller rink ambience


HiRoller started off as part of our main company Hvper Sport.

Hvper Sport was initially established by a Husband and Wife team in 1999 who wanted to share their passion for skating. It started off as a small retail store at East Coast Park in Singapore, where we specialised in selling only skates and skate related apparels. Over the years, we managed to build a close-knit skating community of people who share the same passion as us and devotion to the sport.


We hope that the skills and legacy of this sport will not be forgotten and will be able to build up even further locally. 


Fast forward 20 years later, Hi Roller Indoor Skating Rink was created 

as part of Hvper Sport to further expand on providing our service to the skate community. We hope that we are able to not only provide quality skates but also to deliver a quality venue for people to enjoy the sport. 


Over the years, we found that as inline skate started to build up its recognition, roller skates have relatively lost its shine, hence we hope in Hi Roller we are able to bring back the 80s nostalgia roller skate while incorporating modern day inline skating. 


Hi Roller Skate Academy was also founded for the same purpose of sport development. We introduced various disciplines that are able to cater to all levels of skaters from introductory classes to specialised elite classes. We are also home to many national inline skating athletes and certified instructors, our family friendly environment is perfect for picking up skating, even on a competitive level! 


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